Postbus 7904, 1008 AC Amsterdam

#MaccabiFunRunOnline 24 Mei 2020


This year Maccabi Nederland will organise the 4th Maccabi Fun Run! As this year is different from previous Maccabi Fun Run years in many ways, we get the opportunity to rethink things and move our event online.


On May 24th 2020, we would like to see our whole community moving in any way you can, within your physical abilities but also within the rules and regulations of the government and the RIVM guidelines. We’re talking about ANY activity, like running around your neighbourhood (1k, 5k, 10k, whatever!), walking up and down stairs, doing squats or push ups, hop around your living room, going on a family walk as part of your daily exercise, there are no rules to this, except….you must participate! 

Take a picture of yourself or your family running, walking, doing push-ups, anything and post it to social media with #MaccabiFunRunOnline or you can email the picture to

We can’t wait to see what you do!

We are also doing this together with Maccabi participants all across the world! So we’ll all be connected on this one day, more than usual!